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What Ancient Women used to Remove Hair

While they may not have had the sophisticated laser hair removal machines we have today, […]

Katy Perry Loves Laser Skin Treatment

Katy Perry would have to be one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. And we know now […]

The Different Laser Skin Treatments Explained

There are so many topical creams on the market, but nothing can make your skin […]

Ageism Pushes Women to Have Plastic Surgery

Statistics show that almost a third of workers over the age of 45 believe they […]

Tattoo Regret: A Growing Trend

As tattoo regret rises in popularity alongside tattoos themselves, many people are getting their tattoos […]

Food Allergies Start in the Skin, not the Gut

It seems food allergies may be the effect, rather than the cause, of eczema. Scientists […]

Organic and Natural Skincare: Is There a Difference?

It is important to understand the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ skincare products. Organic ranges […]

Fast Track to Fixing Age-Damaged Skin

Some skin damage is extrinsic – think sunlight, poor diet and smoking – while other […]

Light Treatments: Where Science and Beauty Meets

A range of hi-tech, non-invasive light therapies are now treating skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, fine […]

Contribution of Light Therapy to Acne Treatment

The treatment of acne vulgaris is advancing rapidly thanks to laser therapies and high-intensity light […]

New Technology Reduces Laser Hair Removal Risks

The popularity of laser hair removal has grown in the last two years to become […]

Medical Laser Systems Market Remains Strong

A new report published by a US market research firm has revealed that the global […]

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