What is the difference between a 2004 and 2009 Mini GentleLASE when I buy from Laseraid?

The way in which Laseraid achieves affordability is by refurbishing every component of older machines for resale, effectively creating brand new machines. After refurbishment, the 2004 and 2009 Mini GentleLASE machines both have the same brand new components internally, it is only the outer casing which is different. All devices carry a 12 month warranty to assure quality.

Can plume from the HR cause viral infections such as HSV, HPV, or HIV?

There have been no reports of HSV or HIV as a result of laser hair reduction treatments; however HPV can become an aerosol and inhalation should be avoided. It is very important to utilize a smoke evacuator when performing laser hair reduction treatments. The plume is a carcinogen that should not be inhaled.

Can the lenses for the GentleLASE and the GentleYAG interchangeable? Distance Gauges? Fibers?

The lenses for the GentleLASE and the GentleYAG should never be interchanged. Each has properties for its own wavelength that can affect the other wavelengths efficacy as well as how the unit runs. This also applies to the delivery systems and distance gauges.

How often do you need to replace the lenses, both in the Distance Gauges and the sliders?

Replacement of lenses is dependent on the practitioner keeping them clean. Preventing dust or hair residue from collecting on these lenses should allow them to last a great deal longer.

How often do you need to refill the water in the laser?

It is quite common to check the laser once a month or even more often depending on the amount of use. Even if it isn’t checked, a warning fault will alert you for the need to add additional distilled water.

Are there any ongoing costs when using the laser? What are they?

Yes, there are ongoing costs associated with using a laser. Namely: Cryogen – The gas used to cool the clients skin during treatment Distance Gauge Windows – The windows that protect the lenses in the headpiece Maintenance – Service & repair (generally covered by contract / warranty)

Do I need any certification to operate the machinery?

NSW – No certification is required

VIC – No certification is required

NT – No certification is required

SA – No Certification is required

QLD – Short course required (The Radiation Safety Act 1999 requires all persons who use radiation apparatus to hold an appropriate licence issued by the Chief Executive, Queensland Health)

WA/TAS – Operates under the RADIATION SAFETY ACT 1975, this metext that you need to be a medical practitioner to operate a laser.

Do I need some type of insurance?

Insurance is highly recommended, if not required by law. In the same way that you insure your car against theft and personnel liability, it is recommended that you insure your laser for the same things.

Are your machines TGA listed?

Yes our machines are listed by the Therapeutic Goods Association.

What’s the difference between a GLP and a MGL?

A GentleLASE Plus is the older model of machine; it operates at 1 pulse per second and is physically larger than the Mini GentleLase. The Mini GentleLASE operates at 1.5 pulses per second and is the more modern and compact unit.