Why Your Instagram Account Isn’t Getting You Clients

With more than a billion average monthly users and just over a hundred million posts per day, it’s no wonder you want a piece of Instagram’s audience.
But, let me guess.
You’ve created some lovely looking posts, built a small audience but your engagement (likes and comments) are virtually non-existent. As for Instagram being a tool to get clients into your clinic? You’ve all but given up on that.

Here are why your Instagram posts probably aren’t getting the engagement you hoped.

Your Posts Don’t Stand Out.

So, your ideal client is scrolling through Instagram, not looking for anything in particular, and your post shows up on their timeline…and they don’t stop, let alone like!
The thing is – and please don’t take this the wrong way – your post, while pretty, was boring. What reason did you give your client to stop? Did you create an offer that would be incredibly appealing to them? An amazing picture of a treatment? A compelling video? While it’s true that there are more than a hundred million Instagram posts per day, it’s also true that a vast majority are boring. Be brave, be artistic, be authentic…at least be something!

Your Hashtags Are Overly Ambitious

Pay attention to how often certain hashtags are used.

Try to avoid overly popular hashtags (50k+) unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers and high engagement.
Find a niche, research your hashtags and grow your audience. Remember, Instagram was designed to look for accounts trying to trick it, so don’t buy followers or comments. However, you do need followers, so…

You Don’t Have Enough Followers

Followers are crucial and it can be frustrating to grow an audience organically, but how do you get suitable followers?
You start a conversation. Or, more precisely, numerous conversations.
Spend time every day liking, following and commenting on people’s profiles in your target audience. Don’t try and sell anything; just be authentic. For example, if you think a certain post is fantastic, say it is in your own way. Then follow the account, then move on to the next. Don’t be cheesy or say ‘great post,’ every time. Just as with posts, try to be engaging and interesting.

If you’re a Laseraid client and would like to learn more about growing your Instagram account, marketing support is provided in your subscription. Please email enquiries@laseraid.com.au