What Treatments Will Clients Want After Lockdown?

We’re all looking forward to getting back in the clinic. Sure, there will be plenty of dusting and tidying and ordering to get done, but then it’ll be the mad rush. Like us, our clients have been stuck at home and they’re hairy, with dull skin and unusually sculpted cores thanks to yoga apps.

But what will these toned hairy beasts want when we re-open?

Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Or to qualify that further: skin rejuvenation treatments that show immediate results. We’re all a little tired of looking in the mirror and hearing subconscious judgement and it’s time to make ourselves feel amazing…by looking amazing.

Hot treatments are likely to include carbon facials, microdermabrasion and hydro treatments.

Hair Removal

As you know, we love laser hair removal. But regardless of our hair removal service, be it waxing, IPL or sugaring, expect your treatment room to be packed for weeks on end, your clinicians to be exhausted and your clients to be grateful.

Luxury Treatments

How much have we all been hanging out for a spa day, or even just a spa thirty minutes? For many of us, the last few months have been beyond stressful and we’ve had enough of lying on the couch binge-watching shows we’ve already seen twelve times. We want to leave the house and be pampered!

You don’t need to come up with new offerings, but remember to communicate clearly the luxury components of your treatments. The facial that’s functional but also incredibly relaxing is a great crossover between feeling and looking great and being pampered.

Body Contouring Treatments

It’s coming into summer, so as usual expect a large number of enquiries about body treatments such as fat freezing. Best of all, this type of treatment is highly effective (proven scientifically) and requires limited time from a qualified tech, making it one of the most profitable treatments on the market.


It’s going to be manic and it’s your job to make sure you get the most clients in, and they leave delighted. Make sure you’re ready for the rush and all your clinic supplies are ready to go. This may also be a good time to think about marketing for re-opening. Canva has a great range of social media posts and ads ready to go, so get those Facebook ads ready for when we have a date!

Look after yourselves, we miss you.