Common Candela Laser Fault Codes

candela lasers in a row

Do you have a fault code on your Candela device? Click on the fault to go straight to the potential fix, or call Laseraid service on (02) 9011 5509.

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Fault 7.2

Room Temperature maybe too hot. Check Aircon temperature on Aircon Control Panel. This should be set to no warmer than 18 degrees.

Has your device been moved recently? Perhaps it is much closer to a wall now than before and there may not be enough ventilation. Make sure there is sufficient space between your device and the walls of your treatment room.

Fault 7.3

Check your devices water tank and the level of the water in the tank. The water level should be just under the lip, top-up water takes to this level if it is a little low. Your machine MUST cool down before water is added. Turn machine off for 30 minutes prior to adding water.

Cause –  the change in temperature shocks the glass parts inside your machine and can cause them to break or be damaged.

Use distilled water to refill ONLY not demineralised.

Fault 8.1

Cryogen counter on ‘0’? You should see a number not ‘0’.*

Reset the counter by pressing and holding down the cryogen counter button on your screen.

If symptom persists:

Take out canister, shake it to see if it has gas in it or not. – replace with a new one. Allow to warm up and try again. Call Laseraid after 20 min if fault persists.

*Keep in mind that the counter does not measure the amount of cryogen in the canister.

Fault 8.2

Cryogen Canister may have been heated at a rapid rate causing excess pressure within the canister and causing this fault. Replace the canister and allow the device to heat up the canister and try again.


Fault 10.1

Remove the hand piece from the device and reconnect it, set spot size, calibrate, and try again.


Fault 10.4

Remove fibre from the machine and re – insert it, making sure there is nothing in the way or stopping it from going all the way in. You may need to do this a couple of times.

Calibrate & Pulse, this should clear your fault.

Fault 10.5

Your slider button on your hand piece maybe broken. Test this by gently wiggling the fibre back and forth to see if it is loose or holding in place.

If it is loose, your handpiece will need to be repaired to clear this fault.


Fault 13.1

Your trigger button may not have been pressed directly in the middle.

Press trigger firmly in the middle to see if it is happening again.

Fault 15.1

Put machine into ‘Standby.’

Remove your hand piece completely from the machine, point the end of the fibre that inserts into your device to the ceiling light and look into the handpiece, can you see the light through the hand piece? – no? it is possible that your fibre is broken and will need to be replaced.

Remove window from the handpiece, point fibre to the ceiling light and take another look into the hand piece, can you see and dark spots, discolouration or burn arks on the internal window/ lenses? These will need to be replaced to clear the fault.


Fault 15.2

It is possible that the incorrect window may have been replaced when preparing your device for your treatments. Remove the window from the handpiece & try pulsing again.

If fault clears use a new window and try again.


Exit to clean window / Low Transmission

Mini Series devices – Replace the window located at the front of your slider. Ensure the window is unused and does not have any markings, dust etc when replace.  Once done recalibrate and try again.

Pro Series devices – Replace the window located at the front of your slider as well as the window located within the window draw in your hand piece. Again, ensure the window is unused and does not have any markings, dust etc when replaced.  Once done recalibrate and try again.


Replace Canister

Replace DCD canister & reset canister counter whenever this message appears.



Air was detected in the cryogen lines, with handpiece removed from the calibration port, depress the purge button until the message clears.


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For these faults, contact Laseraid (02) 90115509