Planning for the New Year Slowdown

This time of year can be very exciting. Customers are filling our appointment books with treatments, Christmas is coming up and we are too busy to concentrate on anything apart from doing what we do best.

But, following the Christmas surge comes the New Year’s hangover. Figuratively and often literally.

Have you put plans in place to deal with a potential slowdown after the festive season? It’s not uncommon for clinics to experience an appointment book that is emptier than usual, due to a perfect storm of customers being on holiday and people being hesitant to spend money after Christmas.

Here are a few things you can do now to reduce the impact of the New Year’s hangover. The figurative one.

Lock in Pre-Bookings Now

It’s always a good idea to get people spending while they have their wallets in their hand. How about asking customers what their holiday plans are and scheduling appointments around their movements? Remember to put a plan in place to follow-up and make sure they actually turn up.

A “Thank Goodness it’s 2021” Sale

A discounted, busy January is better than a quiet month. This is also a good opportunity to target new treatments you have just introduced, or to fill in times that don’t usually perform well in the appointment book. Don’t forget to put an expiry on the sale so that people have to “use it or lose it,” during January and early February.

Video Treatments

If the clinic is quiet, it could be a chance to get some treatment photographs and videos you can use in your marketing during the year. Offer free products or slight discounts to loyal customers and ask them to be part of your promotional series.

Get Out Of Here

If you experience a New Year’s hangover, January and February are a great time to get out of the clinic and recharge your batteries. The last thing you need is to reach March or April and realise you are in desperate need of a break. Also, let’s face it – we all need a break right now.


If you’re staying in the clinic and have a bit of energy, how about doing all the things that you don’t have a chance to do now? Tidy the reception desk (that junk drawer has hidden secrets that need to be revealed) or rethink your interior design. Maybe take the time to get stuck into business planning for 2021.