Your Mental Health When the Clinic is Going “Okay”

woman with insomnia

There has been plenty of talk about mental health in 2020. We’ve been shown the heartbreaking struggles of underemployed and unemployed workers, watched entire industries struggle under the weight of lockdowns and the term ‘pivot’ has become synonymous with being forced into an entirely new line of work.

But anxiety and depression don’t simply appear when trauma strikes, it can just as easily slowly fester, causing doubt and fear.

As this article is being written, South Australia is entering its first day of a mandatory six-day lockdown designed to act as a “circuit breaker,” and reduce the impact of a significant suburban COVID cluster. The action itself is no doubt wise from a community health standpoint, but the response on social media channels has been one of pure fear.

“– is this what is going to happen every time…”

“– how many cases will have to happen before we go through this again?”

“– I can’t plan for anything. I can’t afford to lose deposits.”

Uncertainty creates anxiety, and in the absence of actual information, your brain will fill the gap.

You may be experiencing the same feelings of uncertainty and isolation. After all, there are plenty of news articles out there showing businesses returning to normal, being booked up for weeks or selling out of products, if that is not your experience then you may feel like you’re doing something wrong.

We speak to clinics every day and rest assured, you’re not the only one feeling like this. Sure, there are clinics that are doing a booming trade, but many are still experiencing the impacts of COVID. Some are based in communities where job cuts have had a more significant impact on other areas, others have had to remove certain offerings due to necessary cost cuts. Many are just doing “okay,” and are worried what the future might bring.

These feelings are normal, but you don’t have to experience them alone. You can reach out to your GP and get a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist as part of a mental health plan, or call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit

It’s been a very strange year. Remember that when you are judging yourself and your business.