Planning For Black Friday

Black Friday has become something of an annual religious festival. Worshippers bang on shop stores, rip products from the shelves and make Amazon’s developers work hard for their money, almost crashing the site with volumes that can only be described as extraordinary.

Are you ready for the biggest shopping day on earth? Here are some basic pointers for laser clinics and aesthetics businesses to prepare for Black Friday.

More is More

This isn’t the time for tiny discounts. Black Friday is founded on the concept of massive discounts for whoever can get there first. Those who win big do so on volume, and more volume. The limitations for businesses that rely on preset appointments are obvious, so it’s important to think laterally.

Not Just Friday

At least, not for treatments. The opportunity for Black Friday sales lies in volume, and Friday offers a finite number of hours, so work your online game, and expand things out as long as you can.

Sell gift certificates and pre-bookings (offer high discounts during slow days).

Offer discounts for online sales of products (higher discounts for low-selling products).

Have you just launched a new treatment, or will you shortly? Use Black Friday to build momentum.

Loud As You Can

Everyone is clambering for attention on Black Friday, so turn on your creative brain and think about how to turn those eyes in your direction. Perhaps send your most loyal clients an email and send out a notification of your sale via social media. Maybe you should consider a paid campaign, or advertise locally. Again, the louder the better.

Black Friday means opportunity, but it’s not a time to be subtle. Yell and scream your most amazing offers from the rooftops and if it doesn’t work immediately, you’re not being loud enough.

Also, enjoy all the other bargains.mega