What Makes Your Clinic Unique?

“We’re better at this…”

“We’ve got loads of experience…”

“Our treatments are better…”

These are common responses to the question, “what makes your clinic unique?”

The major problem with these responses is first, they’re common and secondly, they do not make the respective clinics unique. Why? Because if anyone can claim it – not do it, just claim it – then it’s not unique.

You see, from the client’s point of view, 30 years of joint experience, or ‘amazing treatments,’ are all the same, regardless of the promise. So what’s are the critical elements for crafting a powerful unique differentiator that will make the right people take notice?


Offering your clients and audience additional insights into why you’re unique or better is a great way to help them understand what truely separates you.

Consider this example –

A clinic claims to have a facial treatment that is far superior to anything else in the market. The problem is, anyone can claim exactly the same thing, so the clinic goes into detail:

“Our treatment uses ingredient X, applied using X technique to stimulate sub-dermal tissue more effectively. This gives the skin an unusual and distinct glow that lasts for ages.”

A Story

A statement can be duplicated, but a story is much more difficult. Many clinics claim ‘decades of experience,’ or ‘experienced technicians,’ but those are just words compared to:

“Having worked together in major national businesses for eight years, three aesthetic professionals decided to start a clinic dedicated to laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.”

A Reason

Most unique selling propositions forget the major reason people pay attention – the reason something is unique or better. After all, why should someone believe anything without a compelling and engaging reason? This can come in the form of a blatant reason, or a guarantee to back up lofty claims.

“Most treatments work on time, rather than results. At X, we noticed our clients were becoming frustrated at the end of treatment plans. So, we now guarantee results – we will keep treating you until you’re 100% satisfied.

Defining a unique selling proposition is important, not only for marketing but also as a tool to be used when communicated with clients. After all, a failure to take action often has as much to do with a lack of information as it does with not wanting to make a purchase.