Zimmer – A Must-Have for Your Laser Clinic

woman lying on a bed receiving treatment

Whether you are running a tattoo removal clinic, a laser hair removal clinic or anything that has the potential to cause patient discomfort, a Zimmer device can reduce pain, without the associated risks. If you’ve never used a Zimmer before, you’re likely using another form of pain mitigation, such as cryogen spray, contact cooling or even ice packs.

Here’s why a Zimmer is a (much) better solution.

Zimmer uses -30 degree air. Very specifically. Where a cryo spray will deliver cold to the skin, it is inconsistent and therefore comes with the risk of skin burns. That’s the preventative measure causing the problem you’re trying to avoid.

The device uses no consumables. While other cooling methods appear cheaper, they come with numerous ongoing costs and expenses.

The Zimmer is precise. That -30 degrees is delivered very quickly, reducing pain on build-up and allowing consistent delivery without implication. Essentially, without this instant reduction in temperature, bringing the skin to a point where the pain is significantly lessened, the process itself may be painful. -3 degrees is much more painful than -30 degrees.

When combined with a Candela GentleMAX Pro, or Helios III tattoo removal device, you have the ability to treat patients for longer. Less painful treatments are faster treatments, which means more treatments per day, and additional revenue.

For a demonstration or to learn more about the Zimmer Cryo 6, get in contact with our team by clicking here.