Are You COVID Safe? Here’s How To Be Sure

Of course you’re COVID safe. When we were finally allowed to return to our clinics, arms bulging with hand sanitiser and wipes, we made sure than physical distance rules were in place and banned anyone with even the slightest sniffle from entering our premises.

But being COVID safe isn’t just about doing what you’re supposed to, it’s also about making your clients and employees feel safe.

Luckily, the state and federal government websites make it very clear how the beauty industry can be compliant and then how businesses can share that information with clients and the public.

As an example, New South Wales breaks it down into 3 sections –

Each of these lists clearly explains what you need to do, and the specifics are even broken down for our industry –

Once you’ve downloaded and completed your checklist, you can register your business as being COVID Safe.

Then you can tell the world. Print off the poster and put the COVID Safe Badge on your socials, website, and everywhere else.

Being COVID Safe isn’t just about taking all sensible precautions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, it’s also about making sure our clients feel safe and secure when they’re in our clinics. After all, we provide a service that should be an escape from the world, and if a little badge helps people feel that way, then it is certainly worth the effort.