The Cryotherapy Facial – Why It Works

Cryotherapy has been around for a while and its claims are heavily based in science. Athletes use cryo treatments to speed up muscular recovery during arduous seasons, cryo treatments are used to remove diseased skin tissue and full body cryo treatments have been exciting people around the world as a supposed ‘fountain of youth. Obviously this is a massive exaggeration, but the science behind cryogenics makes the reason for incredible and immediate results obvious.

The cryo facial uses liquid nitrogen and lasers in combination to administer the perfect dose. Lasers monitor the temperature of the skin to reduce the risk of burning (as nitrogen overdoses are termed) and the handpiece ensures a consistent and predictable stream of nitrogen, crucial for effective operation.

When the skin temperature is reduced enough, blood circulation increases as blood vessels contract. Pores also close and as a result, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as spots and some blemishes may also reduce in size due to overall constriction.

Results are immediate and due to the nature of the application (the device delivers vapours rather than direct nitrogen), redness is usually non-existent, even on sensitive skin.

Cryo facials are a purely dermal treatment, compared with the HIFU or radio-frequency treatments that target sub-dermal tissue and despite the fact that they have a below-skin impact through contracted blood vessels, because blood flows through the entire body, there is virtually no long term therapeutic benefit.

However, the visual results are very real, with clients reporting plumper, brighter skin. Perhaps the biggest benefit of a cryo facial for a client is that it can be used as a one-off treatment, or as part of an ongoing aesthetic regime. Whether they’re going out that night and want to look fabulous, or are just looking to feel a bit better about themselves, this fast and cost-effective treatment will do the trick.