How To Keep Momentum Going After The Post-COVID Boom

If you’re in Queensland, we hope you’re in the thick of it. For New South Wales and Victoria, the surge begins on Monday. Clients, new and old, who haven’t been able to access treatments in months will be banging down your doors, eager for a taste of the normal life they used to take for granted.

But what happens after the initial surge of reservations dries up? How do you make your return one of continuous growth, rather than a spark and fade?

Keep Your Clients Engaged

Always think about the next point of contact. When someone makes a booking and completes a treatment, what’s next, a follow-up email? Everyone does that. What about reduced charges if they book quickly? How about new products? Membership options? Consider what your clients want and help them get it.

Build Your Database

Think about potential clients and what they want. Create how-to guides that they can download if they provide their email address. Send them emails that they will (genuinely) find useful. Expanding your database and being top-of-mind when they can’t get an appointment with their regular clinic is a cheap and effective way to maintain growth momentum.

Ask Questions

When a client comes in, have a few, valuable questions ready to ask them:

  • What treatments would they like to see in the clinic?
  • What social media platforms do they use?
  • What do they love about your clinic?
  • What can you improve?

You’ll know where to invest when it comes to expanding, where to put your advertising efforts and what to focus on and where to improve.

The next few months will be amazing. Bookings will be consistent and clients will be so delighted to see us, social distancing will become tricky (it’s hard to remain separate while hugging) but after that, your efforts now will mean the difference between a good surge and a great re-opening that meant a new beginning for you and your business.