What Treatments Should You Be Focusing On Now?

As states continue to ease restrictions, which treatment should you be focusing on in order to delight your current and potential clients?


Any treatment that makes the client look better instantly, following months of at-home treatments (many that have been a complete waste of time) is going to solidify you as a valuable part of their regular routine. Machine-based, low contact treatments also have the added advantage of increased hygiene and safety.

Luxury facials

While facials may appear at odds with social distancing fears, remember that your clients haven’t had close human contact for months. This is your chance to take luxury to extraordinary new levels. After all, forbidden foods and rare and exotic wines have always had a sense of exclusivity – don’t underestimate how this will impact a percentage of your client base.


Yes, your product line is not a treatment, but for many of your clients, it will be vital over the next few months while things get back to normal. Make sure you have packages and do it yourself treatments available at the counter or online for all those who don’t want to re-enter the clinic just yet.

Laser Hair Removal

And waxing and pretty much anything other than using a razor as we all have been for months on end. Many clients will be feeling unattractive and not quite themselves and getting them back into a laser hair removal routine will do more than make them look better, it will give them a sense of normality that they haven’t experienced in a long time. Also, if you don’t have a device, rent one from us.

Many of your clients will most likely consider different treatments in a post-coronavirus world. Don’t assume that just because someone always came in for a certain treatment that they will do the same now; treat even the most long-term of clients as an entirely new person, because many of us have become exactly that.