What You Need to Know about the ‘Job Keeper’ Payment

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Today, the government announced their long-awaited plan to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on the job market. The so-called “job keeper,” payment will enable businesses who have experienced more than a 30% loss in revenues to pay their employees $1500 per fortnight. Casual employees must have been with the same employer for at least 12 months in order to be eligible. Payments will continue for up to 6 months if required.

This is entirely separate from the traditional jobseeker payment, and nobody is eligible for both, i.e. you are either employed and a job keeper, or unemployed and a job seeker.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison made a point of saying that, based on a conversation with New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Kiwis on 444 visas will also be eligible for the payment. This, of course, stands in stark contrast to the existing government policy of 444 visas and eligibility to the jobseeker payment.

Payments will be issued from May 1 and backdated to March 1 2020.

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