Thoughts on Marketing During COVID19

Restaurants, bars and clubs are all closing their doors, along with any other location where large groups of people congregate. But you are still open and have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your staff and clients.

But what about marketing? Is it distasteful to promote your business in times like this?

Here are our thoughts:

Be Tasteful

There are many people experiencing financial hardship and health challenges at the moment. Just as importantly, many are struggling with anxiety, brought on by the circumstances we find ourselves in. So, keep your promotion subdued and relevant to the situation. Explain to people that you are still open, show them the steps you have taken to reduce the spread of the virus. By all means have a special to reward your clients, but try to avoid connecting it with COVID19.

Inform, Don’t Sell

As mentioned, try to tell your clients all about what you’ve been doing to reduce their risk, and extend this to your products as well. Rather than pushing the benefits of the product in your marketing, just let people know what it is, communicate how they can purchase it and give them a smooth avenue to do so. This is not the time for over-the-top sales pitches or “tone deaf” promotions.

Get Personal

Let people get to know you and your staff. If you have some spare time, perhaps one of your team could make a short video for Instagram or write a blog post. Topics could include ways clients can look after their skin during isolation, or which products they can order from you via mail order.

Watch Your Tone

once you have completed any form of advertising or promotion, watch the video, read the blog or have a good look at the advertisement. What type of tone is the piece putting off? Is it upbeat? Is it engaging? Exciting? Is it appropriate for the circumstances? These are serious times, whether we want them to be or not and your tone should reflect an appreciation for the gravity of the situation.


The main thing in marketing during a crisis is to be respectful of other people’s experiences. We have all seen businesses promoting themselves aggressively on social media over the last few days, but this will inevitably be seen as attempted profiteering from a crisis. A good percentage of the population are nervous or afraid and perhaps it’s our job to help alleviate some of that stress, even if just for a short while.