Treatments Should Be a ‘Treat’

Your clients are the lifeline to your business; they are also the key to consistent referrals and repeat business. If your clients have an ‘experience to remember’, they will not only be back to visit you very soon, but will likely rave about it to their friends and family. This is why it is so important that they feel comfortable and relaxed for the entirety of their visit.

Customer Service
One of the biggest ways to make customers feel relaxed and comfortable in your beauty clinic is through great customer service. Staff should have a friendly demeanour at all times and be well versed in the products and services on offer.

One very simple thing that is often forgotten is remembering the small details. Things like calling a client by their name and remembering the small details, “Hi Jenny, it’s great to see you, how are your daughters going?” can make a massive difference to the client’s view of your clinic and your team. A great way to help this process is to ensure your team make notes after treatment of anything that may be of importance and is instructed to review any notes before a repeat clients’ next visit.

Overall customer service is by far the most important part of any successful business and a customer service protocol should be implemented by all beauty clinics.

Delicate Topics
Some beauty treatments can be a delicate discussion point for clients. Ensuring that your staff are properly trained so that they know how to deal with sensitive topics will also help to put your clients at ease when the necessity to discuss or undergo these type of treatments occurs.

A client can instantly tell whether or not they like a place from the moment they walk in. The atmosphere of your beauty clinic can mean the difference between a client booking or not booking in for a treatment.

There are a number of different factors that go into creating ambience so it is important that every detail of your space is well thought out. Make sure your beauty clinic feels welcoming by adding warm tones throughout the space and avoiding colours that are too bright or harsh.

Another key aspect of creating ambience is through smell. Lavender, Jasmine or Mint are very popular for beauty clinics as they are known for their relaxing properties and soothing aroma.

While lighting may seem like a small consideration in the grand scheme of establishing a beauty clinic, the type of lighting used is extremely important to make customers feel welcomed.

Harsh fluorescent or white lighting should be avoided as it makes many people think of hospitals and can give off a very sterile vibe. When possible, use yellow lighting rather than white lights because white lights can be extremely stark.

So remember, treatment features the word TREAT for a reason. Give your customers an experience to remember and treat them to a world of pampering that they will rave about to all their friends and family.