Health Benefits of Laser Treatment

Laser therapy is effective in treating chronic and acute conditions, as well as post surgical pain and inflammation.

The procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst men and women. Laser treatments not only remove hair but target acne scars and unwanted wrinkles, caused by facial expressions, ageing and sun damage. Different lasers and techniques are used to treat different skin conditions, in order to achieve the best possible results.

When treating acne, lasers gently project energy into the sebaceous glands to kill the bacteria and reduce the skins levels of oil without damaging the surrounding area. However laser technology treats wrinkles and other marks on the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production, removing older damaged tissue in order to renew the skin. Laser treatment is also effective in reducing age spots, by specifically targeting the pigmented area; laser energy is absorbed by the spots causing them to break up.

The non-invasive therapy creates a new surface over which new skin can grow and is a great alternative to surgery. Treatment is extremely precise, with lasers selectively targeting areas for treatment and leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. Treatment is easy and comfortable for patients, offering effective and long lasting results even for more difficult conditions.

Laser hair removal is one of the most common laser treatments. It works by the delivery of energy from a laser device to the unwanted hair. The laser energy damages the follicle and prevents it from reproducing new hair.

Laser hair removal is considered a safe and very effective technique if performed correctly. The majority of people who undergo treatment, report long lasting or even permanent hair reduction with very little pain. The procedure is efficient in removing hair from large areas such as the back or legs but also smaller areas like the upper lip. For larger areas treatment can take up to an hour however, for smaller areas it can take just a few minutes.

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Hairy fashions throughout the Ages

Ladies, have you ever arrived for an intimate dinner date feeling stunning and sexy, only to realise you have forgotten to shave your legs! Yep, we’ve all been there – exit stage left!

Have you ever wondered how being hairless came into fashion in the first place? Let’s take a brief little look at the history of hairy fashions.

The truth is, hair removal isn’t just a modern day issue. In fact, it is believed that even back in the caveman times, men used sharp rocks, seashells or flint blades to scrap the hair away from their faces! This wasn’t because cavemen were particularly enamoured by their appearance, they removed the hair for health reasons. Facial hair attracted mites and dirt, so the less hair, the less chance of illness.

Skipping forward a few centuries to ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians are remembered for their architecture, science and beauty rituals however, they also invested a lot of time into hair removal. The women removed all their body hair using sugar based waxes, beeswax and tweezers made from seashells. Ouch!

Let’s not forget the Romans, who considered hair, or lack there of, as a reflection of your status. Wealthy men and women were expected to be hairless. Being hairless was so highly regarded that having pubic hair was seen as “uncivilized”. This is why most of the iconic ancient statues and paintings of Grecian women are pictured as being hairless.

During the middle ages, a drastic change in the fashion of hair was seen. The fashion was to remove facial hair, particularly eyebrows and the hair from the forehead to make the forehead appear longer.  They did this by using bandages soaked in walnut oil, feline waste and vinegar.

The 18th Century saw the introduction of the razor, which was invented by a French barber.  The good-old razor then grew and eventually developed into the modern razor that is still around.

Skip forward to the 1960s, where waxing was the hair removal method of choice. Even though early laser hair removal techniques were available, it wasn’t a popular choice.

Today, laser hair removal is an all-time high and it’s popularity continues to rise. New laser technologies, equipment and techniques have made laser one of the most popular beauty services currently available on the market.

All men and women practice some kind of hair removal in their grooming routine, so whatever the hair removal method of choice, remember to be grateful for advancements in technology and that we’re no longer relying on the waste of felines to remove our unwanted hair!