Operating your CandelaYAG

The GentleYAG laser is a state of the art piece of equipment that effectively treats all skin types including tanned skin, providing unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction. The GentleYAG incorporates the patented cryogen cooling system in order to provide patients with a safe and comfortable experience all year round.

How to operate your GentleYAG
To get the most out of your GentleYAG laser follow these simple operator guidelines:

At the start of the day, check the water level of the machine and top up if required. Turn on the power at the back of your machine then do the same with the key. Allow at least 20-30 minutes for the machine to warm up. Then assemble all of the distance gauges and finally inspect the slider cap window for any debris, if the window shows any signs of damage then it should be replaced.

At end of the day, turn off the machine with the key then turn off the switch on the back of the machine. Don’t forget to turn off the switch on the wall socket. It is necessary to clean the laser unit daily in order to maintain it. Pay close attention to the cleaning of the distance gauges by using the “Full cycle clean” technique. It is also important to inspect the slider cap lenses for burn marks.

In order to keep your GentleYAG in great condition and provide the best service possible to your clients, regular cleaning of the distance gauge and protective window is necessary. Cleaning the distance gauge and protective window regularly will prolong their life expectancy. The laser energy which is not absorbed by the treatment spot is reflected back to the distance gauge and will heat any debris left in the area, eventually leading it to burn onto the gauge or window. If this occurs parts must be replaced.

Laseraid is a proud supplier of the Candela GentleYAG, offering affordable options for laser ownership, as well as advice on all laser machines. Following these simple guidelines will ensure you receive the best results from our top of the range equipment. If you are interested in renting, hire-purchasing or buying any of our Candela machines, or for any more information, call us today on (02) 9011 5509.

operator questions

Operator Questions

When using a new piece of equipment even the most experienced therapist can be faced with a number of queries and concerns. At Laseraid, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service along with expert advice. Therefore we have compiled a list of the top five questions operators often ask about laser machines and laser treatments.

Is there a limit on the total amount of treatments a patient can receive for a particular indication?

No, there is no limit of treatments a patient can receive. However, they must be aware that this will limit their improvement so it should be discussed during the patient consultation. If both the patient and therapist decide to go ahead with treatments no contractions of doing so are known.

For stubborn hair, what can I do to be more effective?

Throughout the process of treatment, new hairs that grow tend to be thinner, lighter and therefore harder to treat. Therapists can usually overcome this issue by increasing the fluence to achieve greater absorption by the finer hairs. An effective and safe fluence is determined by the patient’s skin type.

How close to the eye can be treated?

Practitioners should avoid treating skin inside the orbital rim to reduce the chance of damage to the eye.

How often should test spots be performed, and where do you place them?

When debating whether to perform a test spot or not the therapist must take into consideration two important factors:

How is the skin going to respond?
What energy is going to be the most effective?

Usually, test spots are performed under the chin, behind the ear or even on the buttocks.

How often do you need to refill the water in the laser?

It is recommended to check the water level daily before turning the laser on. However, even if it is not checked a warning fault will alert you if the machines water levels are running low.

We hope this has helped resolve any concerns you had about using your laser machine. At Laseraid we are guaranteed to provide you with the highest quality lasers and service at affordable prices.

If you have any further questions or for more information on our range of equipment and service, call us today on (02) 9011 5509.