Choosing the Right Beauticians for You

Choosing the right beautician can make a huge difference to how you look and feel after your treatments. But how can you tell a brilliant beautician from a mediocre one? Not only should they have loads of experience and a long line of customers with perfect brows and clear skin, but it also comes down to having the best equipment possible to be used during the treatments. Candela and Palomar both have a number of machines which offer a variety of applications, both considered some of the best equipment a beautician can be using. Read on for more tips for choosing the best beautician on the block:

  • Hygienic Premises – One of the most important things to look out for is the hygiene level of the premises. Everything should be sterile and where necessary the beautician should use gloves. Hair should always be tied back and hands should be washed frequently.
  • Happy Customers – What is their current clientele like? A good sign is repeat customers who are familiar with the beautician. If people are coming back, you know the service must be good.
  • Listening to What You Want – A good beautician will never force their own suggestions on you, unless you ask for an opinion. They should also take their time to make sure along the way that you are happy with what they are doing. A classic example of where this can happen is when you are getting your eyebrows shaped. A beautician should take the time to shape them exactly how you’ve asked.
  • How The Beautician Looks – If the beautician has poor hair, nails, and eyebrows that are uneven, get yourself out of there quick smart. A great way to see how a beautician works is to look at them. How are their eyebrows? Is their skin clean and well looked after?
  • Quality Products – Another important thing to look for is the quality of the type of products they use. Do they use hand lotion from a discount store? Or is it an organic lotion from a well known brand? You’re paying to be pampered, you deserve the best products they can offer.
  • Latest Technology and Products – No matter how nice a beautician is, if they don’t have the right equipment, or don’t know how to use it, then you could find their treatments not as effective as they should be. Palomar and Candela both provide high end machines which offer beauticians an array of applications which focus on getting the treatment done, whilst providing the client with the best pain free solution possible.

Choosing the right beautician is all about finding someone that is able to provide you with the services you want, to achieve the desired results. I hope our list of tips has given you some useful advice for ensuring you select the best beautician in your local area to meet your needs.

Birthday Pampering Ideas

Who doesn’t love some birthday pampering? It’s really the one time of the year that you can really splurge on yourself completely guilt free, and why not? You deserve it. Here we’ve listed some great suggestions for pampering yourself this year on your special day. From exfoliating facials, aromatherapy massages and state of the art hair removal with high end Candela and Palomar hair removal systems, we’ve got loads of suggestions to have you looking your best and feeling relaxed:

Manicure and Pedicure

Hands and feet tired and a little sore from those gorgeous by uncomfortable stilettos? Why not treat yourself to a complete manicure and pedicure which includes a paraffin wax treatment. This leaves your hands and feet feeling amazingly soft. Then finish off with some lashings of red or pink polish.


Massages are great and they make ideal birthday gifts. They help you relax and relieve unwanted tension. If you are buying a voucher for a massage as a gift for someone, give them a dollar amount on the voucher rather than a specific service. This way, they can choose exactly what they have done. Massage is very much a personal thing and while some people may like a strong Thai massage others may prefer an aromatherapy massage using oils.


Our face cops the brunt of the sun, makeup and is often the first place that we can visibly see the signs of stress and aging. Facials are a great way to help brighten the skin, and give it that little extra TLC that it needs. Once again there are an array of facials and depending on your skin, you may want to opt for one over the others. Talk to your beautician about which one is best suited to what you want and your skin type.

Hair removal and reduction

Many women are now choosing to have laser hair removal to rid themselves of unwanted hair rather than shaving and waxing. What’s great about this type of hair removal is that it’s more of a permanent solution and will over time see the reduction in the amount of hair that grows back. Investing in having this treatment done is a wonderful gift to give yourself especially if your birthday is just before the warmer months when you will be hitting the beach. One of the most important things to consider when having laser hair removal is the type of systems your beauticians use.
Candela and Palomar systems are popular choices for many beauticians as they are quality machines which have a range of applications and are effective in hair reduction.

There are so many different birthday pampering ideas, it’s hard to list them all. I hope our pick of the top four has given you some useful suggestions for just how you are going to spoil yourself or that special friend on their birthday this year.