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6 Ways to Reduce Your Costs Effectively

With the government-mandated shutdown underway, the reality of business has changed overnight. So, it’s crucial to do everything possible to reduce or control costs and keep your cash where it will benefit you most – in the bank. Here are six things you can do to reduce costs. 1. It Takes a Village The situation […]

What Can You Do While the Clinic Is Closed?

With our industry essentially put on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy – and entirely reasonable – to be upset and feel isolated and stressed. After all, this type of thing hasn’t happened for over 100 years. But it will pass, and this there are some things you can do now to make sure […]

Lessons in Happiness from Denmark

Every year, the United Nations publishes the World Happiness Report, where countries are ranked from lowest to highest with the lowest being the most unhappy, and the highest being happiest. Scandinavian countries are always somewhere towards the top of the list, with Finland and Denmark scrambling for the top spot. What makes people in these […]

Got 15 Minutes? Do One of These Things for Your Mental and Physical Health

Work/life balance is essential, and part of achieving balance is having things you can do that are relaxing, enjoyable and perhaps even distracting. A good “reset” can do wonders for your optimism and productivity. Here are a few things you can do in 15 minutes that might help you achieve that reset. Stretch It doesn’t […]

How to Stay Relaxed, Avoid Anxiety and Maintain Your Composure

Stress and anxiety are destructive and dangerous. The physical and mental impacts of stress have been well documented and scientifically proven, but when you work in a service-based industry like ours, the implications are magnified exponentially. If a new client visits and you don’t feel you gave them optimal or friendly service, perhaps due to […]

Hiring Tips for Clinic Owners

Finding the right people, be it administrative staff, junior clinicians or seasoned professionals who can take on leadership responsibilities, is challenging to get right. Unfortunately, our industry is somewhat reactive when it comes to recruiting new team members, and as a result, we have a statistically high level of turnover. When team members leave, they […]

12 Clinic Marketing Ideas You Can Use Now

You’ve got a massive list of things to do (not least of which is servicing your clients). Somewhere on that list is most likely “coming up with new marketing ideas,” but it is not uncommon for marketing initiatives to remain a secondary priority. So, to get the creative juices flowing, here are 15 marketing ideas […]

4 Things to Think About Before Expanding Your Clinic.

Business growth brings its own set of challenges. Increased revenue can also mean more complexity and additional challenges, many of which can be managed effectively through effective planning. Here are a few things you may want to think about before committing to a new product, machine or location. 1. Are You a Good Manager? If […]

Check out the most popular beauty treatments in Australia!

Gone are the days of having to visit multiple clinics in various locations to service your beauty needs. Beauty clinics are now positioned like your ‘one stop shop’ with a variety of beauty treatments and products available for our beauty pleasure! And we all know there is nothing better than walking into a salon knowing […]

Treatments Should Be a ‘Treat’

Your clients are the lifeline to your business; they are also the key to consistent referrals and repeat business. If your clients have an ‘experience to remember’, they will not only be back to visit you very soon, but will likely rave about it to their friends and family. This is why it is so […]

What Is Microdermabrasion And Why Should You Offer It?

With so many conflicting reports and changes in trends, it’s sometimes unclear what the best treatment is for treating specific areas or conditions. To help you offer the right treatments to your patients, we’ve broken down the facts from the myths about one of the more popular treatments: microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a very common, non-surgical, non-chemical […]

The Different Uses For the Candela Yag and Candela Gentlelas

Up until recently, the laser was a technology commonly known within the beauty and cosmetics industry to assist clients in permanent hair removal. The technology has now been introduced into the realm of skincare and has successfully been able to treat skin issues with minimal pain, effective results and with little to no risk of […]

How to Treat Spider Veins

Laseraid exists to make laser ownership easy and affordable.  We know the industry inside out and can provide you with advice, devices, service solutions, training and consumables, all at affordable prices. Laseraid is highly committed to providing high-quality devices, suitable for every circumstance. Laser machines can be used to treat a number of different conditions. […]

Fixing Your Candela Mini Gentlelase

It is important that your lasers are always in perfect working order so that your business does not suffer. From time to time, lasers can experience faults. To ensure this has as little effect as possible on your business we have compiled a list of the top 5 most common issues that may occur when […]

Top 10 Client Questions Answered

Often it can be difficult for therapists to answer questions relating to the concerns of their patients. Knowing the difference between the types of Laser machines and how they vary in effectiveness for laser hair removal or laser skin treatments is important. At Laseraid, we aim to provide the best advice, service, and prices on […]

Which Candela Laser Should You Choose?

Laseraid exists to make laser ownership easy and affordable. We know the industry inside out, and understand that choosing the right laser machine for your business is an important decision. Because we are not a device manufacturer, we are able to offer the gold standard device for every scenario and can provide you with advice […]